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Mike Boyle has one of the most well rounded programs in Strength and Conditioning. He wrote an article on conditioning for Hockey and it is one of his best writings in my opinion. I think it should be mandatory reading for many new coaches on how to create programs as most like the iron part of strength and conditioning but not the air. I suggest those wanting a great value go to his website and get access to some great information. Some of the members are true experts and some are obviously just average guys thinking they are experts but what i do know it’s one of the best group of people in strength and conditioning. While I no longer am part of the website at any level I do think that those wanting to get access to some good articles and discussions will thank me. I don’t agree with Mike on everything but some of his stuff is very good and his ebook should be considered a classic.

Mike is one of the few guys that keeps the classic but refines some of the changes. I do think he changes too much as many of the conclusions were found 20 years ago but at least he tries. Some people think I am too hard on him but without critics everything would be accepted too easily. Don’t worry readers my compliments are not a new years resolution to be a nice guy but I am fair, so I give credit when credit is due. The reason I bring his name up as conditioning is a lost art because it isn’t as fun or sexy and he is one of the best at it. How many people you see post shuttles on youtube? It’s just as important as lifting as most team sports don’t have 2 minute games.
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