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I can’t help but post a response to Vince Anderson’s interview as it was great to see how coaches are coaching coaches. Currently the industry standard is to use interns as slave labor to mindless chores such as cleaning weight rooms, following cookie cutter programs, and doing grunt work. In exchange the intern is expecting a letter of recommendation so they can get a real coaching job somewhere else. Now some internships actually cost money, as selling your soul for peanuts is now buying your soul for the devil! Mentorships are even more strange, as you are spending an large amount of money for a one or two week interlude, making me ask what are people really learning? I was very proud last weekend to see one of our coaches attend the USA Weightlifting Club Course and demonstrate his lifts with fantastic form. It was a true test to see what facilities are doing in terms with preparing coaches for instructing and teaching movements. Shane Dowd is on a coaching sabbatical, spending a year with us see us train some of the best athletes in the area as well as coach side by side with us. We spend at least 10 hours a week with Shane and he writes his own workouts for his athletes, not following a template. He has suggested reading of both books and research, attends seminars and lectures, and even enjoys a few nights of watching MMA with us. We have other coaches come in and do similar experiences and I can say that our program is the best in the state of Massachusetts for educating coaches. The reason I think we do the best job as we don’t make profits off of it as it’s even exchange or expertise for time and it’s something I am proud of.

I never stop learning as I contacted Gqartguy on this board to ensure I was doing the right things with olympic lift programming. I had similar beliefs but he again was better in making the observation into programming corrections. I think many coaches can see what goes wrong but the ability to create clear and effective ways to fix mechanics is a true art, and our board member gave me invaluable words of wisdom that I am grateful for. I could see what needed work but confidence comes from seeing it corrected rapidly as many times athletes get better from just practicing and getting stronger. I would travel to Maryland and pay to listen to his advice instead of some of the gurus that are out there and I feel lucky he is just a phone call away.
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