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Apparently, cycling legend and come-backing cyclist, Lance Armstrong, has plans to do an Ironman triathlon once his cycling comeback is over. That’s some serious training, even for a guy who’s known to be a training beast. An ironman consists of a swim of 3.8 km (2.4 miles), bike of 180 km (112 miles) and a run of 42.2 km (a full 26.2 mile marathon). The best of the best finish in around 8 hours….running the marathon section well under 3 hours. That’s INSANE. And unlike his short stint in marathon running, he sounds as if he’s going to give the triathlon thing a serious go. Check out this quote:

And I don’t want to just do an ironman. I don’t want to approach it like I approached the marathons. I want to do it as fast as I can.

I’d guess that he could do quite well even if he will be well past his physiological prime. The guy was a triathlon phenom long before he became a household name in cycling. Here’s an interesting video of lance doing some weight work. His technique on the cleans isn’t so hot and the step-ups seem a little high for my taste but it’s good to see that he’s incorporating some pretty high intensity weight work in to his cycling comeback. If you were in charge of Lance’s weight workouts, what would you have him do?

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