Criticizing the Critics


I think it is great and I am learning a lot of insight from you, but endlessly picking apart other people’s training only shows us whats wrong. My suggestion would be to find us some great videos of things that you find outstanding and point out the positives. Tell us how you would train a D1 running back or how you progress strengthening the post-chain instead of tire flips. The list of what not to do has certainly grown, but as a coach, I usually am cue-ing my athletes what to do.

You are right to get frustrated and ask then what should we do?. Show us how to do things or write an article on this or that. My intentions are not to just pick on what is wrong but share why they are wrong. Why is it wrong can be reversed many times to do what is right or better. I take the devil’s advocate approach because I have found that the majority is usually wrong because most people are followers. Look at what little progress has happened with preparing to train. When I share that people are not getting warm, not moving, not using multiple joints and muscles asking how to warm-up is just not thinking but asking for a Performance Bailout. Tell us why how and why you do things and we will share experiences and defend it with good science. This is not a V for Vendetta ploy to revolt against the guru’s but it is a call to keep your money for books and good conferences instead of informercial summits and garbage ebooks. Again I don’t do anything special….

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