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This video is why we need more strength coaches sharing what to do and less PTs giving us insight on power. This is not real power. Power is measured and what is being shared (single arm exercises with light loads) can’t do anything for increasing power with athletes unless they are truly untrained. I can’t imagine a running back at a D1 program going through the hole explosively from the training of single arm dumbbell/ kettlebell exercises. Why waste your time when other options are available to increase power that don’t demand a big learning curve? This may have stability benefits or other elements of usefulness but this is not simply heavy enough to do much. You think this is going to help a soccer player run faster?

Developing athletes takes years of hard work and if you have limited time with athletes you are not developing them. Most coaches are at the HS level and need to see how programs work that teach athletes how to lift and move better with groups over on average a 2-3 year period. The roles of the strength coach and physical therapist are blurry,but my eyes are not blind to what I see here. If a 200 pound athlete cleans with one arm 100lb dumbbell it’s still two legs being trained, and those numbers are not going to do much. The exercise is a great tool for warm-ups and teaching, but not for developing power. Gray Cook is has a lot to offer in his defense but this is why we need to wake up a little and think for ourselves.
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