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Many times we are proud as coaches of what we do and use youtube as a way to share with the world our accomplishments. Still, let’s focus on every athlete that may not be the star. One of my own coaches made an effort that the slowest person on the team still be a model on how to do things the right way…just a little bit slower. Lesson learned for today is don’t post a youtube video of athletes doing something great when the guy next to him is an example of an injury waiting to happen. The photos here are just snap shots of the athlete during different times, not a sequence of what he was doing in order to clean. This is an example why I don’t like too many strength coaches with a CSCS working with my athlete if this is a product of an award winning coach. Some coaches I would give my own athletes to in a heartbeat as they are ones I refer to to help clean up the cleans, but strength coaches get a bad name when this type of technique is displayed on video and is an accident waiting to happen. I have nothing personally against this coach as I think he seems like a passionate person, but the evidence shared on his own youtube account makes me rethink his expertise (marketed and promoted). Many coaches watch this type of technique and realize that they could do better, hence why many coaches in Athletics do it all as those that are experts and specialize in strength training seem not to be as good as those that train the entire athletic package.

Update:I am working on a PDF response to the great thread on the olympic lifts as the responses ask more questions than answer. Of course I will back up the pdf with still shot sequences of the lift and share the specific context of the athlete and my program. I am not an olympic weight lifting coach but use those that coach the olympic lifts when possible given the context of time restraints and how much battery charge is left after the other elements are done (speed and plyometric work). Ideally the pdf will shed some light on topics that are rarely addressed and include my unique humor.
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