Hanging Dirty – More on transfer and trajectory


The still shots of the video are prime examples of why glutes need activation outside conventional training. I have no idea what stage of development the technique is here but the bar path is clearly away from some of the athletes in this lifting group. I am not saying that I could get an entire team to olympic lift within a few sessions but the purpose of lifting is to enhance the recruitment patterns and not disturb the natural firing patterns. The bar needs to be close to the body and the feet driving through the heels as long as necessary. The athletes look to be extending at the knee, further exacerbating quad dominance. (1) I started video taping once a week and logging in total time spent on the olympic lifts to an athlete (trains in a group) that has little lifting experience. This experiment will be shared after the next twelve weeks to see what the average joe can do.

1. Michael Boyle. (2006). Women’s Olympic Lifting – Clean [Video: cropped still clips] Retrieved December 2, 2008, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AFHZ20s2Ho
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