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Tire flips are not an exercise that should be placed in a program to add spice or entertrain kids . I am not an expert on tire flips but when I see poor technique I will call out any guru no matter who it is. The attached photo (1) is an athlete doing a tire flip with dangerous form. First, the motion should be like a front squat, using the chest (friction) to push the side of the tire up 45 degrees or so. While the arms may grab from below, the action is not a deadlift and from the picture you can see a severely flexed spine. Why does this athlete need this exercise at all? They should be working on their lifting technique instead of add more demands on their plate. Tire flips are not the problem as the exercise can be done safely and has a specialized role, but having college kids do it when many times they need to be working on conventional exercises is poor decision making. Instead of writing books and producing crappy DVDs make sure your athletes are not YouTube boobs. Can I do better in regard to the technique of tire flips? Maybe, maybe not. What I do know is that I know when to say when.


1. Robert Remedios. (2008). Tire Flippping [Video Snapshot] Retrieved November 29, 2008, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2AI0JPdaC8
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