Closed Systems, Tangled Hierarchies, Killer Bees


Training should be a simple as possible but not simpler. I personally have a vendetta against those who pontificate KISS and other approaches to training design and programming. The stupid in this world haven’t don’t much so why are we trying to dumb things down? I would rather clarify than to simplify. With three requests for my training system I got this weekend I say with dramatic pause, the system one runs is your experience and thought process and not much else. Yes I incorporate the laws of periodization, discovered by those earlier than me, and use the principals of training and coaching by the godfathers of sport.Paint by number can only get you something your uncle Joe will put up in his den but will never hang in a museum.

Building on the biomotor abilities principal illustrated by Frank Dick, the most common mistake of organizing training is by systems in isolation. Biological systems are not closed systems and they interact with each other. During a personal discussion with Vern Gambetta we talked briefly about the interplay of all of the systems in the body, and how a reductionist approach to training isn’t always the right answer. An example of this is doing rhythmic bounds for an athlete who is in great shape and can handle the eccentric forces of such a plyometric activity. We are training multiple systems when we do such an exercise. The obvious stimulus is of course elastic power but what about the indirect adaptations that are not the focus but exist in an unexpected gift? During bounds the hips are getting ballistic mobility responses, more effective than doing some lemming like movement prep nonsense. The distance of the bounds and contacts dictate the metabolic influences as well as muscular adaptations like core strength, it’s not just the nervous system. Speed is also affected as the bounding motion is very locomotive in nature. What are we not training here?

Today we see segregation of biosciences in the performance industry. Instead of integration we see educational resources with some sort of vitiable taxonomy of training with Moblity DVDs and Hardcore Strength Secrets. While isolation work will be necessary in rehab and some corrective exercise protocols, training should be an inter-disciplinary approach that focuses on the interactions of complex movement. My hope is that we will see the adaptation alloys with an understanding on how to exploit the merging of training.
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