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Terms and phrases barge into our consciousness and are then used and re-used, often imprecisely, until whatever meaning they may have originally held erodes and they are left as shriveled and bankrupt as the word “LITE” on ice-cream containers and beer bottles. As McLuhan observed: “When a thing is current, it creates currency.” That is: an idea becomes accepted simply because it is stated frequently. And given that we live in a time of instant credibility; of web-sites and book publishing made easy-as-you-please, lots of misinformation gains a foothold as a result. Soon, we are all too cowed to point out that the emperor has no clothes.
-Steve Myrland Guru-ism And The Decline Of Coaching

If we are concerned about where the motion is occuring in a particular exercise, then it needs to be coached well. I think we need to demand athletes to learn how to move correctly, instead of avoiding certain exercises and then just opting for easier exercises to teach. The arguments will invariably come up that it is just too hard for the athletes to learn; my question, ‘is it really, or is it that we just don’t want to take the time to make them learn it correctly’

-Aaron Schwenzfeier- Blog Post

Like common sense not being common, I guess not being special is special with regards training. I don’t do anything special or unique and I think that’s why I think marketing needs to focus on better vs different. I agree with many programs in how they design training, but what is usually sold is what is different or cutting edge. When people sell things they have yet to try you have to wonder.
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