BYO . . . Thanksgiving!!!


With the influx of great blogs on training, warm-ups, extensive tempo sessions and hurdling, I have enjoyed reading and learning more than sharing lately. With the next Holiday approaching, I thought I would divulge a little tradition that I started for my team in college and have continued it where ever I go. The Sunday before Thanksgiving our team gathers together and celebrates turkey day a few days early. Each person invited is responsible for bringing something to the dinner in order to attend. Some items are as simple as cups and some as complex as sweet potato pie. All items are essential though. Someone has to bring the plastic-ware or we are in a for a messy evening!!! I really enjoy it when the athletes cook foods that aren’t normally found at my Thanksgiving at home. It gives a chance to experience someone else’s culture and tradition for a change. The meal ends is amazing since the assortment of foods varies so much and everyone enjoys it more since they earned their way into the dinner.

Maybe it is a modern day stone soup, teaching my athletes the lesson that if we all contribute, the result is far better than an individual can produce. Or maybe it is just a great meal with a family away from family. Perhaps, it is an opportunity as a coach to let your guard down and show your more human side to your athletes. Whatever the case and whatever the lesson, I have enjoyed this tradition for many years and hopefully it will continue to follow me where ever I go. If you have ever done anything like this, I applaud you. If not, I would suggest you try!
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Chad Williams

Chad is a former D1 Track & Field coach. He was a 3x All-American in the decathlon and is certified as a Level 2 Jumps coach by USATF.
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