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Murder at Golgotha: Revisiting the Most Famous Crime Scene in History , is a Sunday reading book, enjoyed after football ends. I read a lot of general science books and other nonfiction books to keep me balanced as track and field can cause insanity. One of the elements I like with general reading is coming back next year with as sense of well rounded thinking. Detective work and crime scene stories are great for TV but I find that the science part of investigations to be valuable with injuries. Ironically enough footprints that were reviewed by Sherlock Holmes are much of what is being done by successful sports medicine professionals. Gait is a individual finger print that shares clues of what is going on with the athlete. Emailed requests are often shared with me as they claim they have only an ATC that gives ice and does stim when really the problems are elementary but specific. With a few books and some thinking I have been able to solve issues that looked bleak not because I am smart, have sports medicine degrees, or talented, but because I was I treated and injury like a crime scene and wanted to find out who was truly guilty.

Remember Liu Xiang’s achilles tendon injury? Well strong evidence that pronation issues can cause a whipping of the tendon.

The authors speculate that runners are susceptible to Achilles tendinitis with peritendinitis due to micro- trauma produced by the eccentric loading of fatigued muscle, excess pronation producing whipping action of the Achilles tendon, and/or vascular blanching of the Achilles tendon produced by conflicting internal and external rotatory forces imparted to the tibia by simul taneous pronation and knee extension.

I am not saying that gait biomechanics is the only issue but I think we need to trust our instincts of what looks good visually to landing mechanics and communicate that will qualified professionals.
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