Run Fast and Lean Left?


Most of my friends are strength coaches and track and field coaches at the Division I level. Strangely some strength coaches are not fan of track coaches because they are simply insecure about their own abilities in strength and conditioning. The lateral agility debate nonsense that plagues the performance industry is a product of poor teachers. The simple point is that many athletes tend to look less athletic as the movement gets faster is a clear indicator of poor coaching abilities. Not that I am a god in the coaching world but when I hear disrespect of fields I wonder what their fears are? Track and field coaches, not just track, offer great information on training theory, teaching movement, coaching groups, developing long term qualities, and see the big picture. Many coaches in many sports have lots to offer. So when I hear that listening to a track coach is taboo I put their programs under microscopes and see their shortcomings. Their programs that have four major lower body sessions in two days, fail to understand RFD, reverse the sequences of basic principals of sports training, and even teach movements that go against simple physics I must defend the truth. Want to know about acceleration? Look at great high jumpers as they are standing upright and must utilize three steps with great precision and efficiency. Curious about agility? Take a look at the spin of Randy Barnes. Interested in stopping? Observe a javelin athlete running and decelerating while throwing. Listen to everyone you can.
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