The Secrets of Sun Dagger


My grandfather is the biggest influence in my training and he was and still is a major part of my thinking process. I am more art and he is very science based as he was a chemical engineer. Besides embracing the scientific method he instilled patience with me as his character was infused with a calm sense of understanding. He never would panic in bad situations and his hobbies reflected his unique approach in life. One aspect of his life I still carry on was his love for sundials. Talk about a patient hobby! During the spring equinox a ray of light would pierce the upstairs window and reflect of multiple mirrors and finally bouncing off the copper handle of the door. What amazes me was the fact he stopped and followed the trail of the light and more impressive was that he recorded the time of day and year when it happened. It wasn’t happenstance, it was timing and it happened for a reason. He recorded and predicted when it would happen again to the very minute the next year. My grandfather gave me a VHS tape to watch on sun dagger, an ancient sundial in New Mexico that I watched in high school. Watching a documentary on sundials? Wasn’t easy at first, but now I am able to wait two hours for a small change in hurdle technique. I think people progress the fastest when you are taking your time doing it the right way. Thanks grandpa.
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