Spinal Engine from the foot up?


Again I am very conservative for doctrine so here goes about locomotion. Instead of puking Shirley Sahrmann into the bird beaks I will comment on what I agree with instead of just rehashing a book that anyone can read from Amazon I will get into gait again as my Guy Drut video created more confusion than answers. First the Psoas needs to be reviewed from an engineering, embryology, evolutionary, and pedagogical perspective. Currently the trend from strength coaches is to recycle PT and start doing corrective exercises. I believe in corrective exercises but I am under the belief of self-assembly based on the research of Central Pattern Generators and other spinal circuits of the the body so I am a minimalist as intervention is artificial. To solve the riddle of the psoas look at the reflex patterns of the spinal circuits, foot biomechanics, technique, training program design, and lifestyle. Thinking that some isometrics of the hip flexors are going fix you are simple efforts to remove pain as Shirley Sahrmann’s book is not the bible to sports rehabilitation. Understanding Hip Flexion? It’s beyond a hurdle step test and isometric holds.
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