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This is the actual workouts for my college training group (sprints/hurdles and Jumps). My given parameters? A four week block of 3 days a week for two hours of organized practice before Late fall/winter break. Yes not ideal as I like to train but this is the given situation. I have astroturf, an indoor track and some grass with a fitness center. Good enough for me as many great performances have come out of less.

Each Day has a different theme. Monday is Teach, Wednesday is Explore, and Friday is Assess

This week we are doing acceleration development to teach the principal of applying force correctly and safely. The emphasis is on creating the best environment to execute patience without paralysis from analysis.

Warm-up: Same thing as warming-up for speed from that I wrote a few years ago.

Plyometrics: Waking up the foot with some stiffness hops of 3 right 3 left 3 right 3 left done 4 times with a nice response

Sprints: 6-8 x 15 meters at 9/10ths effort (Bud winter rule) rest 2 minutes between runs (3 point stance)

Medball Throws: (if space available) 3 x 6 reps with from a static start, drop and pop, and pre jump. Done behind the back for near max height but away from the body. I don’t test for distance behind the back due to the recruitment pattern of the spinal erectors.

Weights: Reverse Lunges 3 x 6, Side Lunges 3 x 8, Single Leg Squats 3 x 10

Microstretching: 3 x 20 seconds easy and foam rolling 2 x 3 minutes (see article section)

I do foam rolling at the end for the quads, anterior tib, side of the glutes at the end of the workout.
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