Dark Energy


Understanding dark energy and determining the universe’s ultimate fate will require further observations. Hubble and future space telescopes capable of looking more than halfway across the universe will be needed to achieve the necessary precision. The determination of the properties of dark energy has become the key goal of astronomy and physics today.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Fatigue is similar to the Dark Energy theory as we can’t put CNS fatigue in a microscope and look at it. Still, we can’t see gravity but we can feel and see the effects of it through observation and record keeping. Without the aid of the omegawave machine you can see based on the numbers how athletes response to supramaximal loading schemes. Perhaps the most entertaining work of fiction I have listened to was one seminar that a few experts shared their opinion on the phenomenon. They used the analogy of the bank account (clearly they were thinking with their wallets again here) and how you must not draw on their savings or you will fry your CNS. Finally I was asked for my opinion and I responded with the story of the lemon tree. When life gives you lemons you grow lemon trees. Doing less is less as the capacity to handle supramaximal loading schemes will result in a expansion if you challenge it. In We want to do more high quality work in the future and the body will adapt. The body will adapt as it is designed to adapt. How is beyond a post but don’t buy into some of the gurus periodization beliefs as their training models are based on their business models and interest in three day weekends.
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