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Gait analysis? We have gurus that claim they know but look at their youtube videos of their athletes walking around like Frankenstein and the zombies from the thriller video. Looking at gait doesn’t require an extensive training background (it helps a lot) but a program that incorporates the appropriate time to do this. If you are doing Mobility warm-ups you are not walking. Walking is a daily screen. It’s slow enough to allow neophyte gait eyes to see compensations but natural and transferable to realize that a compromise is present. From the Level III school I asked about screening warm ups and Dan Pfaff hinted of what to look for. We do drills and runs with a walk back to observe gait. I am not saying that my eyes are able to conjure the injury they had in middle school while playing a basketball pick-up game but observe. In fact Aprender a Observar is a great starting book for this for those that can read a little spanish. A good eye is trainable but your program must be able to allow it to be pushed. For example watching sprinting allows me to see plyometrics better, and plyometrics allow me to see the olympic lifts better, and the olympic lifts allow me to see the static lifts better. Reset the clock speed to your eyes and observe.

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