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Whole Body Vibration Training? Don’t believe the hype. Some of my peers use it judiciously so I am not saying that it does nothing but frankly let’s get real. We have some proponents that must be using the vibraflex as a pillow at night because they are saying outlandish statements. Based on the peer reviewed research vibration training is washed out of a complete program. When Jordan dunked in Mutumbo’s face in the playoffs he didn’t get activated by the machine. Bolt? No powerplate used! How much does vibration training help a 40y dash? Any evidence. NO! The truth is that it helps a little as it’s a modality that is an option. Instead of having people surf on machines teach them to lift, move, or restore their bodies. Again their is no evidence that the results of WBV training will shift a complete program to be better. No evidence on a complete program. For example one study shows that WBV helps power in a 6 week sprinting protocol. What the gurus don’t share is that the athletes were not training seriously for any sport and the controls did absolutely nothing. The results would have been washed out by some basic lifts but that doesn’t sound progressive. Save your money.
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