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Great interview on the strengthcoachpodcast site. Not perfect but he understands stiffness but didn’t go over learning to relax and rapidly exchange the contractile dynamics. Stu McGill is an excellent resource but he made statements I disagreed with.

Dr. Stuart McGill Professor of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, author of Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance.

Stu talked about:

  • Superstifness and How to Train It
  • How Breathe relates to Superstiffness and how to train it
  • Bracing- Dr. McGill’s Definition and Why He Advocates it
  • The 5 Stages of Ultimate Back Fitness
  • What Are Strength Coaches Missing

Such examples of what I don’t agree with are the following:

  • Sprinters don’t breathe during the event- just looking at the NBC tapes of the Olympics this refutes this statement.
  • The mobility of the hips during sprinting. The hips have a stark contrast of combining rapid compliance. Stiffness is timed and adjusted so movement is allowed but creating a nice transfer of force at points that should not leak. The core is a series of dikes that control the flow and leaks. Force is transferred and released.
  • What sprint coaches as to draw the abdominals? Who were they listening to and got their information? What morons were advocating this? Cavemen didn’t do activation methods before they chased their dinner! Again coaches listening to psudeo PT nonsense.

The two Al Vermeil interviews on the same site were also excellent.

I will be adding the old school CFTS circuit into the program as core training during conditioning seems that it can really help with spinal strength as breathing is part of the formula. See the optional workout post.
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