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Since running on the grass made the Jamaicans into world record holders I will place a minor emphasis into tempo running. Following a classic protocol we will do a modified abdominal circuit fashion of the following.
This workout is an add on to any athlete doing a three day split.

  • Traditional Warm-up on the grass
  • Main Set (week 2)
  • 2 x (10 x 50-100 yard Tempo runs (65-75% speed) at each end you do 10 push-ups with a pause of 2 seconds on the bottom part of the rep)Rest ten seconds)
  • rest 3 minutes between sets
  • Week 2 you add on set for a total of 3 x 10
  • Week 3 you add distance but keep the volume under 3000 yards (each set max 1000 yards but sets are 3-5 of your combination)
  • Week 4 Add 10 push ups to each set and rest 2 minutes between sets
  • Post-workout is static stretches of 2-3 sets each body part for 30 seconds and biofoam rolling of 3 x 2 minutes per main bodypart

EDIT: This is an example as a simple change in exercise selection (removing the push-ups, changing the surface, and even taking 15 seconds longer will dramatically change the workout)
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