Single Leg Deadlifts


singleSLD are perhaps the most overrated exercises that continue to annoy me as kinetics and kinematics are clear. Enough with the thoracolumbar fascia rehashing as that system is mainly structural. My first experience with the exercise was in the early 90s watching glide style shot athletes use it for their balance work. SLD is not a strength exercise as single leg contact decreases the balance point. Efforts to hide poor abilities to complete back rehab or failures in increasing functional strength the gurus resort to doing dumbbell work because of the fuzzy math. It is easier to get a kid to do reverse lunges with a pair 75 pound dumbbells and claim 150lbs on one leg is like a 300 pound squat buddy!. I state with pause-no it is not the same.Another example is the single arm snatch for core strength. Here we have people stating its great for the core showing how they do it with 80-100 lb. Yet figure skaters (pairs) do it with a female body (read heavier) and nobody is rushing to inquire about secret Russian figure skating training methods. Don’t get me wrong as those exercises have value and I will post more about the French methods.
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