Reverse Snatch


I got this link sent to me via email with a request to comment on the exercise named the reverse snatch. I looked at the loading on the back and shoulders and believed it could be altered to make it safer. The exact radial motions and lumbar extensions has VALUES or numbers that will make Dr. McGill and Dr. Andrews sleep at night. What those numbers are exactly is a hard call but I am not going to flame Martin Rooney. What I do ask is those get specific instead of preaching of what is right and what is wrong. His video stimulated my thought process but I am greatly disappointed with the closed minded thinking. You don’t have to agree with something but what you disagree with should be precise as innovation can occur at the expense of other athletes besides your own. I am not saying Martin is hurting people but those that take risks I am not comfortable with allow me to go further outside my comfort zone in the future.
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