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Mike Nelson brings a good point about therapy and pain. Obviously he is a Z-health proponent and brings a wealth of knowledge to his blog every week. My problem with his response is he doesn’t give case examples with athletes. I have been exposed to some fantastic therapists and found that traditional massage and soft tissue release (similar to ART and was used earlier) to be a major advantage. I have been involved with programs with unlimited time and money and know what can be done regarding regeneration. Ironically we have those (gurus) that do little therapy themselves and have profit based programs as they are in the private sector (read limited programs and recovery options as their check is more important than the results). They are giving us protocols? Observing programs with budgets that are in the tens of thousands I know what works and know what is just a waste of time. Foam rolling is not the answer and leads people to believing that they have a complete program.
I realize that therapy doesn’t need to be a Spanish Inquisition, but in the world of chi energy flow masters,energy field wizards, and 8 minute Release sessions with some Chiros -tissue needs time and optimal pressure. What is optimal is based on the situation and low force can’t create immune system responses. The situation may require gentle warming before deeper work but research is available on tendon and muscle remodeling needing eccentric stimuli to help encourage remodeling. The ability to go deep but not bruise tissue is rare skill that only the best in the world can do. Back to Z-health. I see low force open chain or slightly closed chain joint mobilization techniques as a compliment to a recovery program. The muscles may be slaves to the nervous system but the direct approach WITH motor changes and other elements is a full approach.
Here’s a link to Mike Nelson’s blog.
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