Moblity and Front Squats


Perhaps the most amusing aspect of this profession is new problems created by corrective exercise and injury reducing approaches. The new dysfunctional/postural epidemic is caused by the ripple effect of profit and marketing, and it is now hitting us like the current economic crisis of today. False prophets are now backpedaling every time new blood publishes information that proves what they are not so brilliant. A primary example of poor logical vision is the use of front squats instead of back squats, attempting to reduce the possible strain to the low back. At first replacing back squats seems like a great idea. A lift similar to the back squat without any of the pitfalls you ask? Not so.First, front squats mechanically places the bar in front of the spine with arms either crossed or in a clean grip. When doing front squats the load places higher demand on the thoracic spine and alters the recruitment pattern. Those with uppercross syndrome are now reinforcing there spinal positions under load. No wonder they are lying on taped tennis balls doing crunches trying to improve their joint mobility! Second, add in the fact the exercise is not as effective in the recruitment in the gluteal system this no wonder they are activation junkies. Watch the guru youtube videos on their lunge technique and it’s clear they need to go back to physics 101 for a lesson of reality of forces and vectors.
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