It is HOT!!!


Today could have been the hottest day of my life. Believe me when I tell you, I have seen some hot ones. I used to work as a roofer during my high school summers and be up there when the heat index was around 110. Also with the heat reflecting off of the dark-colored tar, you got cooked from both sides. It was so hot, that you couldn’t touch the roof with bare skin without getting 1st or 2nd degree burns. At that temperature, your brain and your body cease to function properly and you become a mindless drone. I pick up shingle, I gather nail, I hammer into roof, slide left, repeat.

With that in mind, today could have topped it all. Charleston, SC recorded the second highest actual temperature in the country today, but we also have wicked humidity. Coupled with the lack of wind and dense forestry where we practice, made for a brutal morning.

It was soooooo hot that . . .

1) My t-shirt and shorts were entirely soaked with sweat. Not a dry spot spot to be had. I actually was able to twist my shirt and get a significant pour. My athletes all went GRRRRROOOOOOSSSSS!!!! at the same time.

2) Every time I would do a single-leg RDL, 10-12 drops of sweat fell off my hat brim. Or anytime I bent over for that matter.

3) The parts of my skin that weren’t covered, couldn’t keep moisture on it for long. The sun would actually burn it off before it could drip.

4) The track was untouchable with bare skin.

5) The humidity was causing wheezing amongst most of my athletes.

6) My coaching efforts became a serious of grunts and hand motions (I guess that is not that different from normal).

I was proud of how my athletes did today, despite the miserable conditions. The total volume for the day was dropped about 20% due to the heat and to allow for significant increases in water consumption. I anxiously await Fall but know that it will be another 5-6 weeks before anything happens with the weather. As much as this was a complaint, we are still blessed here. When it is snowing up north, we can rock the spandex and long-sleeve and run in complete comfort.

For those sharing in the heat, I leave you with the words of Vincent Vega, Be Cool!
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