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Finally off the road, I have been away from home 23 out of the last 40 days; it is good to be home. I already have gotten in a good bike ride, a swim and a pulled pork sandwich from Choo’s Choo’s barbecue, what could be better. We start volleyball next week, can’t wait. This will be a so-called rebuilding year after losing seven seniors, but I think we will surprise people. These kids have put in the best preparation I have ever had a high for a high school team, in fact their effort and intensity rivals the best teams I have worked with at any level.

I ended the road trip in Madison Wisconsin, one of my favorite places to visit. It is always great seeing Steve Myrland and family. Spend last Thursday doing a staff in-service for the ATC’s and PT’s at University of Wisconsin Sports Medicine. Friday morning I went to “Movement Madness” at 6:00 am in the Middleton high school gym. Instead of working out I took pictures and video of the session, it was spectacular. There were all ages and abilities working out together, former Olympians to a fourteen year boy getting in shape for football. This is something that Steve Myrland started years ago when he was at University of Wisconsin; it was a noon workout group with 10 to 12 people. Steve led the workouts. When he left the University he moved it to different locations until they settled on the high school. This is a community effort, not for profit. They have it Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 am. Steve writes up the workouts, he leads them when he is there. The people donate a small amount each week that goes to the high school booster club so they can use the gym and purchase equipment. It is a great concept, an idea that would help community fitness if employed anywhere. If you are ever in Madison and need something to do at 6:00 am in morning on Monday, Wednesday or Friday stop in, you won’t find a nicer bunch of people anywhere.

Is it just me or has our society turned even more violent. I saw a video clip of elementary school kids doing mixed martial arts, it was alarming to me. Martial arts and the discipline required is one thing but this adulteration called mixed martial arts bothers me. Just this past week a couple of teenagers in our community pummeled another teenager to death. Have we become so desensitized that this violence is accepted. It is all over television because people watch it, that is scary to me. Where are we headed as a society? Can the Christians and the gladiators be far behind?

If you get a chance go see the movie Swing Vote. A good entertaining movie with some threads of truth, it made me think how absurd the whole presidential election process has become.
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