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After waiting what seemed like a lifetime, I finally had the opportunity to advance my education by attending the USATF Level II Coaching School. I would by lying to you if I didn’t mention that sufficient nervousness preceded entering the weeklong excursion. Although, as time drew closer the opportunity to learn from a group of instructors, whose knowledge and expertise have produced countless elite level athletes, changed that nervousness to excitement.

While I won’t be divulging specific information learned in the school, I will comment on a few of the more subtle points that made this school an amazing experience.

First, I went in with a completely open mind trying to eliminate any preconceived notions developed over time. This made all the difference in the world. My brain was more open and receptive to each and every presentation.

I met some amazing coaches that were considered “students.” Numerous late night discussions on meet results, training, and humorous stories were had. It was nice to be among such great coaches who wanted the same for their athletes as I did mine.

All the instructors had excellent presentations, but none weighed as heavily in my mind as when Boo was presenting. He has a way of speaking to a large audience that makes you feel as though you are having a conversation person to person. I hung on every word. He clearly and concisely explains complex situations and breaks them down into understandable parts. Along with the mention of many great coaching tools, he talks a lot about being a better coach/person in general. His last speech to us will stay with me always because he reminded me that the road to the top is not one you can do alone. The people you meet will help you achieve your dream and appreciate everything they do, because someday, you may have the opportunity to do the same.

It is an experience that I will take with me and I look forward to the season beginning and implementing many of the new changes that will ensue this fall.
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Chad Williams

Chad is a former D1 Track & Field coach. He was a 3x All-American in the decathlon and is certified as a Level 2 Jumps coach by USATF.
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