Best Decathlon Team Ever . . .


Before I go out on a limb and say that this could be our best Decathlon team sent to the Olympics ever! While it certainly is a great assembly of athletes, we need to take a look at the previous OT’s and compare. Here are the top 3 finishers from 2008 back to 1976 with Bruce Jenner (now featured on the E Channel).


20042000199619921988198419801976While 2008 is certainly amongst the top for OT scores, the year 1996 might have a slight edge. Also, in relation to the world record at the time, the 1976 team was one for the ages as well. Thoughts?Discuss entry

Brian Clay 8832
Trey Hardee 8534
Tom Pappas 8511
Brian Clay 8660
Tom Pappas 8517
Paul Terek 8312
Tom Pappas 8467
Chris Huffins 8285
Kip Janvrin 8057
Dan O’Brien 8726
Steve Fritz 8636
Chris Huffins 8546
Dave Johnson 8649
Arie Long 8237
Rob Muzzio 8163
Gary Kinder 8293
Tim Bright 8287
Dave Johnson 8245
John Crist 8102
Tim Bright 8098
Jim Wooding 8072
Bob Coffman 8184
Lee Palles 8159
Fred Dixon 8154
Bruce Jenner 8542
Fred Dixon 8294
Fred Samara 8004
Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Chad is a former D1 Track & Field coach. He was a 3x All-American in the decathlon and is certified as a Level 2 Jumps coach by USATF.
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