41 strides


How far could you go in 41 strides? 100m? Doubtful.

Tyson Gay recently ran the fastest time ever in the 100m under any conditions. He took 44-45 strides (I could only youtube and it was hard to tell) and covered the 100m distance.

If Usain was in that race, under those conditions and was on the same race rhythm . . . could he have run 9.5? I recently counted his strides in the Jamaican Trials and he took 41 steps crossing the line in his 41st stride. While I want to believe that Tyson has now put himself in position to have a go at Usain, he still has his work cut out for him. Bolt ran a 9.85, making it look EASY!!! (Also, he ran just under 20 in the deuce and shut it down with 50 to go, making that look easier!) There has been a lot of speculation about whether he peaked too early, but did he even peak? Most have assumed that 9.72 was the fastest Usain could run, but maybe that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Then there is Asafa. He seemed to ease up earlier than Usain, not wanting to push the race and make it a showdown. Yet every sprinter I have ever met HATES TO LOSE! So will Powell bring his ‘A game in August or will he fold under the biggest showdown yet?

The excitement is certain to continue with more USA Trials to come. I can’t wait. I also am curious to see just how far I could go in 41 strides. I doubt I could make it to 85m much less 100m.
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