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I am no promoter of drug use in sports, heck I barely even eat my own multi-vitamins. Yet, when Mike posted his latest blog about Mo, it got me thinking about the Sports Illustrated article I read and our society. The messed up thing is that we are a society of pill-poppers and quick fixes, yet it is those same people who are the first to cast the stone at the athletes. I understand why an athlete takes PED’s, it is the same reason a CEO would take Aderol. So they can work longer, harder and be better at their job, also to make more money. Women get augmented to boost self-esteem and to get more gigs as models or in magazine shoots. Old men take viagra so they can . . . The thing is, no one cracks down on a hot girl with fake enhancements, why? Because we like to look. The same reason we like to see home runs and world records. Now, would we still see world records, home runs and big bosums without drugs or enhancements? Yes, but there wouldn’t be as many, as often :(. For example, Hugh Heffner’s show The Girls Next Door would only consist of Bridget . . .

Now, should PED’s be allowed, I am not sure. We allow fake enhancements, Viagra, Creatine, Caffeine, and any other legal drug that enhances people’s ability to work but shun the athletes. I am just saying, maybe it isn’t fair. Show me the person who eats right, takes no pills, prescriptions or drugs, works their behind off day in and day out, AND then finds drug use in sports offensive. That will be the person whose opinion I respect on the matter. I, for one, am not that guy. At one point, I had taken Creatine, Advil (lots of it), protein shakes and ZMA all to be a better athlete.

In the end, I feel sorry for those who get caught, and I try not to judge them. I like seeing world records, home runs and hot girls.
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Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Chad is a former D1 Track & Field coach. He was a 3x All-American in the decathlon and is certified as a Level 2 Jumps coach by USATF.
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