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A recent article in the NYT implicates recently retired Mo Greene as a long time drug cheat. Many consider Mo to be the greatest sprinter of all time and he’s almost undeniably the best 100m specialist of all time. While the article is more about Trevor Graham, his dealings with a drug dealer by the name of Angel Heredia and their pending court battles, it reveals some good information on the underside of our sport. Why do I think it’s good? Because it allows people to make informed decisions on what they’re watching, who they support, and what they’re competing against (or with). Is it a total shock that Mo is implicated? Not really….many have thought and suspected that Charlie Francis was implicating the HSI group which Mo trained with in the latter half of an article written for Testosterone Nation several years ago. I’m not saying he was or was not using (I try to give people the benefit of the doubt) but many suspected as much. Heredia doesn’t seem to be the most trustworthy character to begin with and like many in his situation he could be lying to cover his own arse.
I also think this news is good because if you ARE anti-doping, then it’s apparent that even the biggest fish in the sea are no longer off limits to getting busted and that while they may not be caught during their career, they may be forever tainted (ala Mark McGuire) even after they’ve retired. And if you are in the Doping is everywhere, let’s just appreciate the performances camp…then it’s good because you can say, See, I was right. Everyone is doing it.
Do you see this is as just another black eye for the sport or the continuance of improving doping control and administrative policy? Do you think that it’s good that this info is coming out or do you think that we should just leave it all undercover? Post thoughts to the forum.
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Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young