Early Specialization Rant- Part 2


You heard it here first:

Perhpas the earliest example of specialization I’ve seen (and practiced) that has the most noble of intentions / purpose, but stands to detract from future athletic potential is………….having newborns & infants sleep on their backs. NO I am not suggesting parents do otherwise, but its been shown that because of this, a large number of kids are skipping the crawling stage in their development.

I am going out on my ranters limb and coining a title. The PF Generation. For those of you old enough to remember, the first PF Generation was made up of those of us so old that we wore PF Flyers before graduating to Air Chuck’s (Converse Chuck Taylors)

With the coming PF Generation (Mike’s beautiful daughter & my son indemnified) the PF stands for Plantar Flexion. Training kids out of it will be overwhelming due to numbers and extremity of the affliction. If you want to know the sports career of the future look at lower leg injury, orthotics, etc, etc…Lil MIke and my guy will be (2) Will Smiths living in a world of pale skined toe walkers, so unathletic they only come out at night.

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