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I was thinking the other day when I was swimming, what is the basic movement skill of swimming? Yes the core is important, arm position- yes, the kick yes. Someone commented that is common to segment to teach and refine the swimming stroke. I understand that and the need for that at certain times, but isn’t it more basic than that? How about floating? Every year when I visit Michigan at the start of the season I watch Jim Richardson take his swimmers to the diving pool, put front snorkels on so they can keep their head in the water and breathe. Then they work on floating. They play, experimenting with what happens when you move one arm out, raise your head. They quickly realize how connected the body is and how one small movement at one end of the body has a profound effect somewhere else. It is very elementary, very basic but the foundation for all the strokes. Each sport has foundational elements as the basis for advanced technique. After watching volleyball practice the other night, I know I am going to work on opposition and fundamentals of throwing with some of the freshmen. Throwing is a root skill, spiking a volleyball is an advanced skill.
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