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How much time is needed to prepare for a decathlon? How bout 4 days. I have been missing competition more than ever before since I started coaching my girls in the pent and hep and I decided to dust off the cobwebs.

Sunday: Instead of surfing, I attempt to hurdle and high jump. I had a goal of 50 hurdles at 42 and a 5 step of 6’0 in HJ. I made it to 44 hurdles and my last group of 4 felt . . .decent. On the five step, I cleared 5’10. I considered the day a success.

Monday: Goals: Circuit early with my one hep girl, throw the disc (women’s – i have no access mens) and attempt to pole vault later. Soreness is in my left knee, right adductor, and left hamstring. I do about 15 off runway approaches and plant 5 times. I get upside down once and over a 14′ bungee. Success? Not really, but I got off the ground and I have some poles to use. The discus went fairly well, but the discus is so light compared to the men’s, it is hard to gauge.

Tuesday: Soreness is at a all time high. Left hammy and right adductor are telling me no, but I don’t listen. Also, my back has chimed in. I think I planted under a few times, or every time. Goals for the day, get a long jump approach and run a 200 (400 pace) and a 600 (1500) pace. I take 45 minutes to warm up and I limped for the first 30 minutes. I managed 10 approaches, one two and one 600 at rhythm. Felt better after practice than before. I squatted light and deep and did some explosive bench.

Wednesday: Still very sore, but not as bad as Tuesday. Still need to touch a javelin, throw a shot and get a HJ approach. I had access to a men’s javelin and threw a 12 lb shot. I was also able to measure my steps. All the events are covered, it is go time!!!!

Well, I am not going to divulge the complete results because I cruised the 100 and 400 but managed to compete well. I was really worried about the hamstring and adductor. Let’s just say advil and accelerade were my best friends. I had a blast doing it and my athletes were in full support. I now want to do another one after some real training because I want to take a shot at 7k, which I believe is within my abilities. I just need to make the time and keep at it.

Surprises: The discus and hurdles. The discus was a meet PR and the hurdles just felt good. I half expected to fall apart in the middle, but it never happened.

I love the multi’s. Happy Easter one and all!
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Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Chad is a former D1 Track & Field coach. He was a 3x All-American in the decathlon and is certified as a Level 2 Jumps coach by USATF.
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