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So as I had a rare weekend mostly free, I finally had the chance to get out in my wetsuit and catch some good waves on my board. Most of the time, the ocean is like glass here, so on the rare occasion there are waves, I am stoked. As I was in the ocean thanking mighty Poseidon for his weekend generosity, I got to thinking about the variables that got me to my situation. I had the majority of the weekend free, the waves were excellent, and my experience as a surfer was good enough to handle the waves. The timing was impeccable. And this relates to track? Well, while waiting for that next great wave on Saturday, my mind was wandering into thoughts about training and timing. With the conference meet coming up, I was wondering if I had created the environment and handled the variables enough for my athletes to compete well. While there are many variables I can control, there are many others I cannot. Things such as sleep, sickness, eating habits, school work, exams, weather (we train outside), significant others, and parents all play a role. I am hoping these other variables, much like my Saturday surfing excursion, all fall into place. So, for those of you competing at conference soon, good luck! And for those of you coaching, may the sun be shining and the waves be roaring.
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Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Chad is a former D1 Track & Field coach. He was a 3x All-American in the decathlon and is certified as a Level 2 Jumps coach by USATF.
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