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This was posted in response to my post on the Venice Girls program- “FOR THE RECORD – This team got smoked by Palisades Charter HS which is lead by three girls that lift real wts and regularly perform Olympic lifts. Palisades Charter HS, not Venice, won the League and City Championships.” Sorry friend get your facts straight, this is Venice High School in Florida, not California. As far as lifting real weight bring your girls back to do a workout with us anytime and see who is fit to play volleyball. We are not preparing weight lifters we are preparing volleyball players. One of the biggest impediment to progress is that idea that you have to “lift real weight” to get strong and powerful. Last night one of the beach volleyball players lifted over 6,000 pounds total load in a dumbbell complex series. No matter how you slice it that is a lot of real weight, lifted through full ranges of motion in multiple planes. A high pull and a snatch are Olympic lifting movements whether they are done with a bar, dumbbell, kettelebell or a sandbag! Welcome to the real world where we are training adaptable athletes to be better volleyball players.
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