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I was recently contacted by Yosef Johnson about some books he’s selling from all-time great training mind, Anatoliy Bondarchuk. He asked that I take a look and review some of the material. As a sucker for Russian Training pron I excitedly agreed. I received the book (Transfer of Training in Sports) about a week ago. When I unpackaged the book, my immediate impression was how unassuming it looks. In fact, the book actually resembles the early editions of Mel Siff’s wunderbook- Supertraining. It’s a paperback with a plain glossy cover in “Tiffany” blue. Nothing too impressive from the outside. From Supertraining though (one of my top 3 books) I know better than to judge a book by its cover and like Supertraining, the content is great. This thing is LOADED WITH GREAT INFORMATION!!!

Here’s a quick run-down.
The author is Anatoliy Bondarchuk. If you’ve been living in box, here’s a quick bio: He is one of the all-time great training minds in the history of athletic development, a former Olympic champion and multi-time world-record holder himself and he has coached over 23 athletes to the Olympics.

There are 200 pages in the book broken down in to three main chapters. The first chapter is “A Brief Overview of the Transfer of Training.” Despite the chapter’s title, it is anything but brief. There are over 50 pages dedicated to (among other things) various, and in some cases thought-provokingly opposite, training transfer theories, pros and cons of each, principles of conjugated training effects, mechanisms of training transfer, and methods used to determine the effectiveness of transfer of training to sport.

The second chapter is nothing but more great Soviet training goodness. This chapter is titled ” Transfer of Physical Abilities when Using Different Types of Exercises.” Covered in this chapter are answers to age-old questions about specificity of training for sprinters / hurdlers, jumpers, and throwers.

The third chapter looks at “Transfer of Motor Skills.” This is a controversial and often over-simplified, or worse, over-looked aspect of training. Not here though. This detailed chapter looks at methods, means, and sequencing of activities to produce the greatest affect on sport performance. There’s no over-simplified Westernized ‘sport specific’ training here…only interesting information on motor learning and skill acquisition as it applies to athletic development.

The Pièce de résistance for this book though is the charts and tables. Oh the charts! Table goodness. Chart-o-rama. Table-rific. I digress. If you are a chart and table junkie (you know who you are…you’re the ones who love to see predictions, correlations, transfer effects, etc between various training and testing means) this book is for you. There are over 100 charts / tables in this book. That’s more than 1 chart / table for every other page. And these aren’t just hum-dum charts. These are the Soviet sports science gold. For example, some charts give test results from Soviet Olympic Champions in various strength and field tests. Others detail correlational relationships between sprint performances over non-competition distances with actual competition performances. Sill another chart gives split times for World Championship sprint and hurdle races. I could go on but needless to say, there is great stuff galore.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book please contact me through the contact form on this site. The book is $65 if shipped in the U.S. and $77 if shipped internationally. Both costs include shipping and handling.

Find Print Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Josef. With this said, I fully and completely stand by this book. I’m asked on a fairly regular basis to ‘sponsor’ various training related items. 99% of the time I don’t want to have anything to do with them because I’ve seen too many people sell their soul and sully their reputation for a buck. I can honestly say though that the quality of information in these books is excellent and I have no problem putting my name behind them.

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