Take your fish oils already!


Hopefully when you read the title you yelled, “Carson you are just repeating things that have been written about for a long time!”  Well, you’re right.  This is nothing new, everyone knows that they should be taking fish oil, but I’m still amazed at how many of these people in the know fail to take adequate fish oil.  Here are a few reasons to make sure you are taking your fish oil regularly:

  • Fish oil consumption has been associated with a reduced incidence of sudden cardiac death in humans.
  • Fish oil has been shown to improve mood.
  • Fish oil has been associated with a reduced incidence of stroke.
  • Fish oil has been shown to reduce relapses in those with Crohn’s Disease and complications with Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Low levels of plasma EFAs have been associated with ADHD in children.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis patients were able to reduce their usage of NSAID drugs when they added in n-3 fatty acids.
  • Elite athletes were able to reduce the severity of post-exercise bronchial constriction when supplementing with fish oil.
  • Fish oil supplementation can elevate HDL cholesterol levels and assist in weight loss.
  • Fish oil supplementation can make you leaner.
  • Fish oil improves mitochondrial function.


If you have any desire to live a long and healthy life, I suggest you really consider taking your fish oils on a daily basis.  By simply popping a few fish oil capsules throughout the day you can prevent CHD, improve your mood, elevate metabolism, decrease inflammation, and improve focus.  Pretty great returns for very little effort, wouldn’t you say?

Live well,

Carson Boddicker

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Carson Boddicker

Carson Boddicker

Student-Athlete at Northern Arizona University
Carson Boddicker is a student-athlete at Northern Arizona University, where he runs track and cross country and is currently pursuing a degree in the Biomedical Sciences. Carson has experience in the strength and conditioning field with a particular interest in optimizing performance in the distance events using a multi-faceted approach to performance enhancement.
Carson Boddicker
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