Continuing Education Will Not Break the Bank!


Every now and then, I’ll be talking to a strength coach and the topic of continuing education comes up.  Often during these conversations coaches will say they didn’t read this book or go to this seminar because it was too expensive (this is especially true among the younger people in the industry).

Funnily enough, these same people complaining about expenses tell me later in the conversation that they’re going to go to the bars that night ($25-50/night), or how they just bought a Playstation 3 ($600).  Continuing education products are too expensive?  Hmmm?

Clearly these people’s priorities are not in line.  If you were to skip out on a night at the bars, you could afford to purchase a book (or several).  If you were to skip out on the new gaming system you could attend a few seminars.  Here is the best part; by paying for continuing education instead of on alcohol or games, you’ll be able to get better results with your clients, which in turn can result in you making even more money (or, obviously a better coach) in the long term.

Check your priorities!  Do you want to be the best you can be or are you going to make excuses?

Carson Boddicker

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Carson Boddicker

Carson Boddicker

Student-Athlete at Northern Arizona University
Carson Boddicker is a student-athlete at Northern Arizona University, where he runs track and cross country and is currently pursuing a degree in the Biomedical Sciences. Carson has experience in the strength and conditioning field with a particular interest in optimizing performance in the distance events using a multi-faceted approach to performance enhancement.
Carson Boddicker
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