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Here was areply to my post that typifies the head in the sand approach of thecontemporary sheep walkers. It is a classic error in communication inthat it is not what I write, it is what you read.

Vernare you serious this man doesn’t get it, there are to many variables tojust blast the lifts. What did the program look like how much synergistcrossover was there between lifts, what where rest intervals, where theathletes wearing belts (a huge no no), did the program have structuralbalance, was the athlete in structural balance, was she training hermobility, come on Vern maybe you don’t get it.

I do get it! I use the Olympic movements when appropriate. I have bee doing Olympic Lifts for almost 45 years. I am USAWeightlifting certified (Perhaps they will remove my certification now)I have made every mistake with the Olympic lifts and every othermethod. Belts – so what – I understand the research. Go around thecountry and watch how everyone cinches up their athletes. Is it right?No. I understand all the variables and in the muscle head programs theyare seldom if ever taken into consideration unless it is a one on oneenvironment, that NEVER occurs in a collegiate environment and seldomif ever in a professional team environment. That is why the follow-uppost on University of Oregonand Jim Radcliffe. He is an Olympic lifter, but he train athletes notOlympic lifters who play football. What the hell is synergist crossoverbetween lifts? Get real. Have you ever had to work with a team ofathletes? You get them after practice, the majority of the time whenthey are fatigued from their training. There is no accounting forindividual differences. I will repeat the message again – IT IS ABOUT THE ATHLETE, NOT ABOUT THE EXERCISE OR THE METHOD. CREATE ADAPTABLE ATHLETES READY to PLAY. What is it that I don’t get?

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