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This morning I took the drive to Harvard Square to have coffee with Vern Gambetta. As you know Vern has helped USATF with coaches education, editor of Track Technique, and his coaching record is more than solid out in California. For two hours we talked training and I picked up a few things as well as some fantastic skill training files and it forced me to blog a response to the current industry.


I am not sure who my mentors are besides my high school swim coaches but I do know without Vern Gambetta I would not be half the coach I am today. I have had some great influences in the track community, some brilliant and in exhile, but Vern’s undestanding of history and what is good and what is not good is right on. I know a lot of emails exchange between experts in training about my thoughts (both public and private) but do they know their true impact in the world of sports performance? I don’t know who has cracked the code but I do know some experts are full of voodoo and hype. So the question is “what to do about it?”.


I suggest you ask yourself who has made your training better and who has made you felt your training “sounds” better to others. Promote them instead of working on affilate codes for magic muscle manuals from New Jersey. For example Mike Boyle is well known for his “functional leg training” and I feel his information is top notch with preparing the legs for sport. The problem is that Mike is not a common example of a guy with commercial success and one with great training. During the USATF school I had the pleasure again to meet some forum members in person and I learned a lot of what is true and what is just sexy language designed to sell. I will say with great honesty that I have nothing against marketing and profits as many think I have jealousy to those that make good money online or through products. If I did have jealousy it would be to Tiger Woods with all of his fame, money, and talent… Not some guy selling a secret Kettlebell DVD or SUPER FAT INFERNO ebook (triple spaced with 2 inch margins in a 3 ring binder).


Currently I work with John Sullivan, a great strength coach who has tought me the most about  the details of lifting than any other coach. Although he has been a great resource, guys like Vern have given me a foundation that is based on reality and results vs some .com snake oil salesman.


For those that would rather make money and continue to hurt the industry with false prophets and bad information feel free to contact me and plead your case why your wallet is more important than the dreams of athletes and wellness of the public. You can make a lot of money if you take the time as I see it done every day.



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