Is Periodization Dead?


This was one of the questions asked at a presentation I did to Athletics and swim Coaches at University of Queensland.It is an important question, certainly not one to be taken lightly.Periodization as it has been commonly taught by Bompa et. al. is dead!That neat defined world of general preparation, special preparation,competition and transition does not exist any more. Contemporaryreality is that of an extended competitive season without well definedlong periods of general preparation. We must recognize that planning isstill the cornerstone of all training, but we must not be bound byantiquated concepts that are derived from former eastern bloc nationsthat had strict control of their competitive schedule and total controlof the athletes lives. Traditional periodization also fails to addressadequately the planning and preparation for team sports. We build uponprinciples of adaptation and current research to build plans that arerealistic in our cultural and competitive milieu. Recognize thatthorough and complete planning is a must, do not misinterpret what I amsaying. We must be careful that we are not sheep walking and blindlyfollowing methodology that is outdated. There is a new reality that wemust prepare for.

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