What I’ve Learned So Far…Part 1


Recently I’ve reached a few milestones in my life.  The first being my
18th birthday, and the other being my high school graduation.
Reaching the 18 year mark in my life has afforded me the pleasure of
voting, the ability to purchase items from television infomercials,
and I can finally be arrested!  My graduation has opened the door to
another long journey in life, but reaching those milestones themselves
has not affected me.  What has affected me, however, are the thousands
of moments that I’ve experienced along the way.  Over the next few
days I plan to post several of the things I’ve learned over the past
few years.  Here begins the journey…

Lesson Learned #1:

Take Care of that Small Pain, NOW!


In my experience as both an athlete and a performance consultant, I have failed to take heed to the small aches and pains that are warning signs for bigger problems along the way. In my career, ignoring that little ache on the outside of my lower leg led to a complete fracture of my fibula, furthermore failing to gather information regarding how my athletes felt prior to their sessions often led me into working them hard when an easy day (or even a day off) would have been more ideal. Had I taken some time off of running when my leg began to ache, I perhaps would have staved off a six week unplanned break. Had I taken note of my athletes’ condition, I feel that they would have improved at a greater rate.


The lesson learned here is that listening to your body is critical in the athletic realm. While most motivated athletes are apprehensive to take a day off for fear of losing fitness, they miss the boat by failing to allow adequate time for adaptation. Instead, they pile on additional stress which just leads to the opposite of what they are attempting to create—a powerful athlete. Never fear recovery!

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Carson Boddicker

Carson Boddicker

Student-Athlete at Northern Arizona University
Carson Boddicker is a student-athlete at Northern Arizona University, where he runs track and cross country and is currently pursuing a degree in the Biomedical Sciences. Carson has experience in the strength and conditioning field with a particular interest in optimizing performance in the distance events using a multi-faceted approach to performance enhancement.
Carson Boddicker
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