An Open Letter to “The Bear”


The biggest error in your post ( on Vern Gambetta is your use of the word "some"

Were your post to be widely published, you would find "many" to be offended.

While I can see where it would be a constant challenge dealing with contrary feedback when one takes a position on a subject that is counter to popular opinion, it undermines the position when the tone of defense is as found in your post. You may fancy yourself as Columbus, disproving the flat earth theory (of training and sprinting); But perhaps you might win more respect through remaining civil with the ignorant c itizens of Spain? Vern's posts on you are contrary, but not snide as yours are. You would do well to mirror his class as well as achieve his success and earned respect in our field

You left out another quote from Gambetta. The one where your site-claimed, "new English friends" tell Vern that they didn't find anything of value from their visit with you. (Your, "They came, they saw, they bought dinner…") Who is telling the truth on that one?

How about we get a "one to one match" going?  One "peer reviewed study" you keep whining for, for one "universally accepted Elite sprint coach" who endorses your theory/program. And no, the quote on your website from a former high jumper is not such a reference.

*Partial credit if you can post a current first hand reference for your program from a certain former sprinter you worked with…

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