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Someone just sent me a link to a new website that allows to access “great” workouts in a multitude of different sports and training activities for one great price. This is the Wallmart or Sams club of Athletic Development. I know I will piss more people off by this post and alienate a lot more but this is ridiculous. It is precisely this approach that is killing this field and adding confusion to confusion. Folks it is not about more workouts. It is about the Why of the workout? How do they fit for each individual and each team? Are they sport and age appropriate? I have books of workouts that I have written since the sixties, for everyone but me and the team or individual they are written for those workout are useless. They were written in the context of the training cycle and for the individual or a team. I was very reluctant to put sample workouts in the new book for the precise reason that people would copy them. The same with posting the workouts that I have posted on the downloads on the web page. They are not to copy, they are to learn from. Look at the reason behind the exercise, the order and sequence. Training is more than a bunch of exercises. It reminds of the George Carlin routine on baseball scores, he reports the scores for yesterday’s games – 3 to 2, 5 to 1 and 1 -0. This is like a workout with out context. Here is the strength portion of yesterdays Venice girls volleyball workout

  • Jump Shrug 3 x 6
  • High Pull 4 x 6
  • Single Leg Squat 3 x 10
  • Squat 4 x 20
  • Lunge 4 x 20

It might as well be baseball scores without the teams. Without the details that might as well be written in Sanskrit.
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