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As many people know on this forum I work with to help promote regeneration and I find it ironic the same people that complain about supplements are same people with some of the worst dietary habits, or coach athletes with the worst diets period. Currently I have been working with Dave Rosland over the last three years and we are worried about the direction of the industry as NO2 products and other lame formulations have spread like syphilis. We have kids taking magic pills for explosive energy yet are not doing weight lifting to be explosive in the first place! My previous blog on is no longer up as nobody wants to do the dirty work and get results. If you are an athlete or coach and are serious about adding a big impact to your program here is 4 steps.


(1) Create a team guide book or program-No matter what you believe in it is vital to be beyond just verbal as writing a policy or guideline is vital. If not people will use ignorance to escape into lazy land.  Each year it can be refined and improved on. Even if it's just one page it can grow and evolve. This can be a simple as Beradi's 7 steps or it could be a very sophisticated.

(2) You are what you see- Invest into real nalgine bottles for hydration for teams and a shaker bottle for mixing a postworkout drink for individuals. One can do both but the grate helps make the product smooth and quick to mix. Also athletes need to bring their own food as portable rations will keep athletes ready. 

(3) Cytofuse is the best product on the market as I have dedicated my life to ensure it is the best. I am proud of it as it tastes the best and has the highest grade whey protein in the US.  The product has COAs and it is the best period. With two NCAA champion teams and olympic athletes using it simply is the best. If you are taking something else you are taking second place from the start. Team discounts are available and see number 4 for coupon information.

(4) Buy in Bulk! If you buy in monthly amounts it will never be worth it as shipping will hamper the cost rise of your local supplement store. Also online costs will be cheaper but they are still middlemen. Go to and do one stop buying as they offer the best prices and value (product quality). They offer creatine, pharmacuetical grade fish oil, casein protein, whey protein, and other great products such as BCAAs. If you are in college protein powder is cheaper than canned tuna and better for you! For 10% off place phoenix in the comment box during your order and they will take 10% off when they process the order.



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