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Are you producing results or are you getting results? About two weeks ago one of my athletes who I worked with from July – Thanksgiving broke her school record in the 55m. Last year she was 6th on the team in that respective event and leapfrogged everyone from working 5-6 days a week from 1.5-3 hours a day. What bothers me is that many coaches get massive talents and think it is them when in reality they won the genetic lottery. I have been involved in about 100 school records (swimming, track) in my coaching carreer but only list 82 as much of the early success was just landing monster talents. Just being responsible with training allowed the talent to grow so I can't take any credit to their records.  Years ago Wilbur Ross gave me some of his time and asked me who did I produce and it made me think that just landing superstars from reputation or online marketing is just working with someone not producing someone. This reminds me of one Strength and Conditioning coach making claims his expertise helped get various athletes to the NFL when in reality he just spotted them in the weight room.  When asked why his formula doesn't work at lower D1 programs and only seemed to work with a top ranked program he had no answer. As an intern I spotted weights with a hall of fame player but I never put that in my resume as it is no different than being and extra in a movie!

The ability to keep people improving from year to year and season to season is not easy. My good friend Brendan Wright opened my eyes to development of an athlete as he understoud the process of freshman in HS to senior in college as a swimmer at Boston College. How I judge a coach is what he is able to do with what he has in his environment. I compare that to similar situations and see what is the norm. It's amazes me so many programs that think they are top notch when in reality they are products or recruiting. On the otherhand it amazes me what programs are able to do with great talent and they should be respected as they can get results when they walk the most finest of lines.

My purpose of bringing this up is that we are in a world of attachment with athletes and we need to understand how credit should be shared or given. I have been luck to work with great athletes, but I made it my effort to help athletes get as fast as they could regardless of their talent. Everyone deserves to be given the oportunity to be their best.

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