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I went to the Bear Power site and as soon I clicked on it I recognized it. I actually read the book by Barry Ross last year. I hope this does not offend anyone, but I could not see anything remarkable or particularly enlightening. ( I will go back through it again to see if I missed something) Strength and force application are a big factor but not the only factor. Sure everything is centered ion optimizing ground contact, but you must address technique. The question is how to address technique. Pawing drills are not technique drills; you do not paw when you sprint. That is one example. Getting too far away from actual sprinting with too many segmented drills does not help technique. They may indirectly help technique by strengthening through larger ranges of motion. In fact if you really study Gerard mach’s writing his drills are not technique drills, they are for power endurance or specific strengthening. For example the “B” series of pawing type drills are for functional hamstring strengthening, not technique. We also need to differentiate technique during different Zones of the Sprint. Starting and acceleration demand different drills and different training emphasis than do top speed. There is so much crap out there that creates confusion, that I think we need to go back to the basic action of sprinting and thoroughly understand that and compare our sprinters to what we know of proper mechanics and derive a plan to improve that individual. Remember it also changes with regard to level of development. How you work on technique is important. Without a good foundation of strength it is difficult to achieve sound sprint mechanics. The argument then becomes how do you work on strength? A hint it is more than a dead lift and it is more than weights, there is one hell of a lot of remedial work!

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