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Here's an interesting article on German Doping from the Associated Press:


BERLIN: The German athletics federation has filed a criminal complaint against high-profile Dutch agent Jos Hermens and a Spanish doctor connected to doping allegations.

Doctor Miguel Anguel Peraita and Hermens, whose clients have included Ethiopian long-distance greats Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele, are accused of trafficking banned substances.

The federation said Monday in a press release that its case was built on court documents from the trial of German coach Thomas Springstein, convicted of providing banned substances to minors.

"We can't say anything about the details of the case because we have filed a criminal complaint," federation spokesman Peter Schmitt told The Associated Press about the case given to state prosecutors.

Hermens has not returned calls or e-mails from the AP.

Schmitt said the federation received the court documents on Springstein on Friday, leading to Monday's actions.

"TheDLV doesn't just talk about zero tolerance in the fight against doping,we practice it," federation president Clemens Prokop said. "Doping hasreached such a degree of organization it can now only be fought by acooperative effort from sport and government.

Peraita has been linked to the Madrid clinic at the heart of a Spanish investigation into doping in cycling.

Thatcase led to prerace favorites Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso being barredfrom this year's Tour de France, although neither has been charged withusing banned substances.

The Magdeburg district attorney's office, which will investigate the Peraita and Hermens cases, was not available to comment.

Thecourt documents also led the DLV to investigate alleged irregularitiesby two top German runners, former Olympic 800-meter champion NilsSchumann and former world relay champion Grit Breuer.

Both haveseven days to answer questions that surfaced in Springstein's trial.The former coach of Schumann and Breuer's partner, he was handed a16-month jail sentence last March for giving performance-enhancingdrugs to minors.

Neither runner apparently is being directly accused of doping.

"Thereare very clear rules that if there is the barest hint of violations wehave to take action," Schmitt said.
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